About Us

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Be sure its Grand Parts

We are an Australian owned and operated company specializing in Automotive Parts and Friction Brake Technology.

Our industry recognized Products are laying the foundation for a New Era in Automotive Parts.

Grand Part’s strategy is not just economic but is dynamically platformed for reliability, credibility and absolute quality Parts solutions.

Tomorrow’s Engineering automotive technology Today; encompassed by State of the Art Distribution solutions with a 7- Day Global Guarantee.

We will source your Product and bring it straight to your door- retail shelf ready.


Sourcing from overseas is easy with Grand Parts

To Plan ahead and source your stock from overseas is the future for the Australian Automotive Aftermarket industry. 

​Today more and more Australian suppliers join large buying groups that control local pricing, which dramatically increases cost to you. Take control of your costs by directly sourcing from overseas to maximize your profits. 

​Grand Parts provides simple and hassle free sourcing solutions for the Australian Automotive Aftermarket industry. Benefiting from our local experiences and established overseas relationships, Grand Parts will ensure the products sourced through our service hub are quality tested and trusted.  

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